Kapalama High School


Summary Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Block C

Limited one-day parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. PASSES MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE ‘AKAHI STUDENT CENTER BEFORE THE DAY THEY ARE NEEDED. The cost of a one-day pass is $2.00 a day. Five days may be purchased per day. A student must have his/her driver's license, current registration, proof of insurance, and safety check for the vehicle(s) which will be driven when purchasing a one-day pass for the first time. REMEMBER: THE VEHICLE MUST BELONG TO AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER (MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER). The ‘Akahi Student Center normally opens at 7:00 a.m. One-day passes will be sold in the morning if spaces are still available and if there is an emergency. STUDENTS WHO FIND IT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE A ONE-DAY PASS BEFORE 7:30 A.M. THE DAY THEY NEED IT ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPACE. SO, PLAN AHEAD. AN ALTERNATIVE IS TO PARK AT THE TERMINAL AND CATCH THE TERMINAL BUS TO CAMPUS. If a student parks on campus without a parking pass, driving privileges could be revoked for twenty school days. If you have any questions, please call 842-8531.

1) Reservations of all high school facilities (including use of classrooms by teachers outside of the times that their classes are assigned to the facility according to the master calendar); 2) Dissemination of information via the Daily Bulletin and Weekly Calendar. Announcements should be received via the online system at http://connect.ksbe.edu/features/bulletin/requestannouncement.php. No phoned in announcements please. 3)Coordination of all calendar changes (scheduling and cancelling) being made to the master activities calendar for the high school; 4) Replacement of ID cards for students and faculty; 5) Information regarding guidelines and scheduling of all fundraising activities and processing of request forms for such activities; 6) Information regarding use of the First Hawaiian Bank student activities accounts for all school related funds; 7) Information regarding guidelines and requirements for all off-island travel and overnight activities for student groups; 8) Information regarding starting a club on campus; 9) Information regarding approval of all t-shirt designs for student groups; 10) Information regarding posting of flyers, posters, and banners on the high school campus; 11) Information regarding Traffic Court and/or one day parking passes; 12) Providing answers to any questions regarding student council, class or other student activities (except for athletic and special events i.e. Founder's Day, Song Contest and Graduation). If you require further assistance with these services or require additional information, please contact us at 842-8531. Thank you and have a great year.

As a reminder to students, personal or outside fundraising on campus is NOT allowed.

Students in Grades 9-12 are reminded that elementary and middle school campuses are off limits. Students are also reminded that you are to catch buses from either middle or upper campus only. Thank you.

As a reminder to registered student drivers, you are not allowed to move your vehicle during school hours. Your vehicle must remain in your assigned parking zone until the END of the last period of the school day. Violators will be issued citations for a moving violation.

Flik is so happy for another year serving you! When you come to ‘Akahi please remember the rules. ‘Akahi Dining Hall Rules: • Please remove all head coverings, hats, beanies, hoodies, etc. • No head phones, ear devices wireless or not. • Please wear Covered footwear at all times have IDʻs visible at all times. • Cell phone use is prohibited in while getting your meal. • No Outside food containers allowed per health code. Please check our online menu to see what we are serving http://www.myschooldining.com Teachers/Faculty: Please remember your complimentary lunch tickets as Flik needs to collect them for tracking purposes. Takeout containers are available with a purchased $4 lunch ticket you can purchase from the book store. $4 tickets are good to use while dining with us using the plates, silverware and tray or for 1 takeout box, 1 soup container with lid and 1 drink cup with lid.

Important Football Information Aloha Mai Kākou, We are anxiously awaiting the kickoff to the 2018 football season. It has been a good number of years since we played an inter-league football schedule and it promises to be all that it is hyped up to be. That is: Many games, great competition, and perhaps renewed rivalries. In anticipation of the season, we need to share some very important information with you regarding the logistics involved in this new ILH/OIA arrangement. Kamehameha will be participating in the Open Division. Unfortunately, only one ILH team will move on to the HHSAA Championship. For the ILH, all games will count toward ILH standings. At the end of the round robin, #2 ILH will challenge #3 ILH and the winner will face #1 ILH for the ILH Championship and berth to states. Games listed as “To Follow” on the schedule means the game will start 25 minutes after the previous game’s conclusion. There is an admission charge for all ILH vs. OIA games, and the only passes honored are the ILH & OIA All-Sport Passes as well as OIA Gold Cards. No other passes will be accepted. All others will be charged admission as follows: CASH ONLY FOR TICKET PURCHASES AND PARKING OIA sites and Aloha Stadium tickets sold until the end of 3rd quarter of the last scheduled game (OIA-ILH & ILH-ILH) / ILH sites tickets sold until half time of the last scheduled game (ILH vs. ILH) Interleague Football Admission Fees (Campus sites and Aloha Stadium) $8.00 General Admission (Adults & students without ID or OIA Student Activity Pass) $6.00 Senior Citizen (62 yrs. and above with ID) / Military (Active w/ID) $5.00 Students K-12 (ILH & OIA students must present school identification) / Pre-K free Parking fees are charged at Aloha Stadium, Campbell, and Farrington. It is highly encouraged that you car-pool when you can. ILH v ILH games at campus sites and Aloha Stadium $7.00 General Admission $6.00 Senior Citizen (62 yrs. and above with ID) at CAMPUS SITE / Military (Active w/ID) $5.00 Senior Citizen (62 yrs. and above with ID) at ALOHA STADIUM $5.00 Students K-12 AT CAMPUS AND ALOHA STADIUM Free – Student of participating school with current/valid school ID AT CAMPUS AND ALOHA STADIUM Please note that when the junior varsity team plays prior to the varsity, the team will be required to leave immediately after the team handshake exchange. The Band and Cheer Squads are required to exit the playing venue and board buses at the six (6) minute mark of the fourth quarter. Go Warriors! I Mua Kamehameha!

The Student Support Center (SSC) is excited to start up our PSAT Prep Classes. As of last year, all Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors are required to take the PSAT in October of each school year. The classes will be offered to both Freshman and Sophomores and will begin the week of August 20th. Freshman classes will be held during their lunch period, lunch will be provided. Sophomore classes will be held during their free periods (5, 7, 4, 6) on A and D days. Each class is 40 minutes long and we will meet once per week through the Fall semester. Sign-ups will be held on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we highly encourage you to sign-up as soon as possible. Sign-ups will be held in the Student Support Center from Friday, August 10th through Wednesday, August 15th. Enrollment is limited and therefore requires a commitment to attend every session. Mrs. Lauren (lafonsec@ksbe.edu) Ex. 28793

Aloha warriors, please come join the Kamehameha Speech and Debate Team for our first ever speech week! Everyday after school the team will be holding workshops for those interested in joining the award winning speech and debate team. Workshops will run from 3:45 to 5:45 after school. Plus on Thursday, August 23rd, the team will be holding an out-of-this world social filled with fun, laughter, soon-to-be-friends, and, most importantly, food! So please join us at Haleakala Annex 32 after school to have a space-tacular time! If you have any questions email the president at kaai.i@imua.ksbe.edu.